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Aramis and Sir Lancelot

My Purpose

I help animals with behavior issues feel happy, relaxed and less pain. 

As an intuitive, Reiki Master, animal communicator and with the benefits of essential oils, I can help you and your animals live better lives.

All services are customized to best support the needs of the client.  Length and number of sessions will be discussed in the free discovery session.  To schedule the discovery session go to the "Book A Session" tab at the top of the page.

My Services

Animal Communications


Is your pet stressed, has separation anxiety, or behavior issues?

Is your pet ailing or in pain?

Do you feel your pet is trying to tell you something?

Has your pet passed?

When I connect with your pet I hear what your pet wants to tell you and feel where they are stiff or hurting.  

This can be done either in person or remotely (with a picture, text, phone, etc.).

Reiki for Animals and People


Is your pet in pain or stressed?

Are you or someone else in pain or stressed? 

Reiki is healing with energy.  With my Reiki Master (Level 3) certification, I channel energy into the client (animal or person) to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

People and animals will usually notice a reduction in pain, feeling more relaxed, or a overall sense of well being in a short amount time.  

Reiki helps with chronic issues and may require more than one session.  New issues can be quickly resolved when Reiki is used right away. 

Reiki sessions can be done in person or remotely (with a picture, on the phone, etc.).  

Young Living Essential Oils


Does your pet fear the vet clinic?

Is your pet anxious or traumatized?

Is your pet a rescue animal?

Are you or your family stressed?

Are you or your family in pain?

Are you looking for nontoxic products for your family and pets?

Essential oils can be used to help reduce stress, decrease pain, emotional/hormonal support, cleaning  and many other uses.  I can help identify the right oils that work for your animals and you.

To find out more or order Young Living essential oils, click the link below.

Service Area

In Person Sessions

I am located in Vallejo, CA.  In person sessions can be done at your home or mine.  Animal sessions should be done at their home to minimize unnecessary stress.

I am available to travel the north and east bay areas.  Other locations can be discussed.

Cash customers - please contact me directly to schedule in person appointments.

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions are as effective as in person sessions.  They are especially beneficial for clients that not located in Northern California and animals that aren't comfortable with visitors.  I work with clients around the world.